Never get high on your own supply side economics! Just this morning, crackpot conservative Stephen Moore told Bloomberg, "My biggest ally is the president. ... He's full speed ahead." With Commander Magic Votes by his side, how could he lose that vote for a spot on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors? Sure Joni Ernst was "not enthused," and Lisa Murkowski had "reservations," and Richard Shelby said he was "in trouble," and John Thune said his nomination would be "a heavy lift," and Shelley Moore Capito said it was "hard to look past" the one thousand racist and sexist things Moore said when he was just a wee charlatan making his way in the world.

Never mind all that, because Moore anticipated getting some Democratic support and even had a secret plot to charm that Iowa sourpuss Joni Ernst.

Just because she's 'no' today doesn't mean she's 'no' three months from now. The world is going to be very different two months from now.

But then Moore went on to criticize Trump's -- admittedly idiotic -- plan to dump jet fuel into America's already robust economy by slashing interest rates and issuing government bonds, as Obama did when he was trying to resuscitate America after the Bush recession. But Trump inherited a good economy, and you don't need a PhD in economics to work out that opening the lending spigot and making money FREE is likely to cause a bubble. Which is a lucky thing since Moore doesn't have a PhD in economics, unlike every other member of the Fed Board.

Sadly, Moore seems to have forgotten the first rule of Trump Club: Never talk mean about Trump Club. And now he's been quitfired from his zombie nomination -- never dead, in fact never even born, since Trump didn't bother to officially nominate him -- and reportedly won't get back his old plum job at CNN either. It's all terribly sad, really, or the opposite of that. (The opposite of that.)

Just so we're clear, Moore wasn't heaved overboard because he's a rancid bigot.

He wasn't withdrawn because he said on Tuesday, in 2019, that the problem with the economy is that men don't make enough money and women make too much:

Look I want everybody's wages to rise, of course, but you know, people are talking about women's earnings -- they've risen. The problem, actually, has been the steady decline in male earnings, and I think we should pay attention to that because I think that has very negative consequences for the economy and for society.

(Don't worry you guys. Current Fed Chair Jerome Powell is pretty sure women should make more or less the same as men: "I think men and women should make the same for the same work, by and large." Good thing Donald Trump got rid of Janet Yellin for being too short.)

Republicans were unbothered by reports that Moore underpays his alimony and child support by $8,000 every single month and improperly deducted his child support payments resulting in an IRS demand in 2014 for $75,000 in underpayment and penalties.

None of the gross, sexist, racist, ignorant things he said tanked Moore with the White House. They didn't care that he stiffed the mother of his four children. They didn't care that he's a crank who thinks Nixon should have been impeached for dropping the gold standard. They didn't care that this supposed monetary genius almost lost his house to foreclosure in 2013 because he was so behind on his alimony. They didn't care about the security risk of putting the American economy in the hands of a married guy with a history of trolling for extracurricular companionship.

Moore got the axe because he criticized Donald Trump, the only unpardonable sin in today's GOP.

Everything is horrible, so listen to that cocky hack bragging to radio host Rose Tennent that she'll have to call him "Governor":

And then LOL spitefully at Governor Damaged Goods, who can't even cash those CNNBux anymore after everyone in America spent a month learning what a venal, unemployable little bigot he is.

Lie down with dogs ...

[Bloomberg / CNN / CNN, again / WaPo / Guardian]

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