Steve Bullock Will Do Anything For The Democratic Party But He Won't Do That

Steve Bullock has suspended his campaign for president. The Montana governor was one of the last Tim Ryans standing. Unfortunately, he hasn't stood on a Democratic primary debate stage since July. Marianne Williamson was also at that debate, so it's sort of like winning a Grammy the same year as Milli Vanilli. Bullock was the Democrat who proved he could win in a red state. He was the sensible white male centrist option who was neither senile nor in training pants. But voters weren't interested, and he never rose above 1 percent in the polls. Bullock should've noticed the flat line on his candidacy months ago, but the holidays are a time for reflection while lying on the couch in a stuffing and pie coma. Bullock announced he was dropping out of the race in a statement posted today on Medium.

BULLOCK: While there were many obstacles we could not have anticipated when entering into this race, it has become clear that in this moment, I won't be able to break through to the top tier of this still-crowded field of candidates.

He was apparently stymied by such unforeseen concepts as "polls" and "donors." But Mr. Bullock can still go to Washington. His whole value proposition was that he won twice in a state Donald Trump carried by double digits. He has the best chance of beating Republican incumbent Steve Daines in next year's Senate race. Democrats, last we checked, would like to reclaim their Senate majority. But Bullock's communications director, Galia Slayen, dumped cold water on that plan.

SLAYEN: Governor Bullock will continue to faithfully and effectively serve the people of Montana as their Governor. While he plans to work hard to elect Democrats in the state and across the country in 2020, it will be in his capacity as a Governor and a senior voice in the Democratic Party -- not as a candidate for US Senate.

Sorry but Bullock needs to run for the Senate and like it! We're not asking him to mow our lawn. This is his patriotic duty. He'll also receive a 70 percent raise and steady work for six years. Yes, he'd have to resist punching Ted Cruz in the nose every day, but Bullock should make that sacrifice for the sake of the nation. Daines is the fish-fondling creep who almost ditched his daughter's wedding so he could help confirm credibly accused attempted rapist Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. He even backed a partisan resolution condemning Trump's impeachment. If Bullock cared about us at all, he'd personally retire Daines, who'd have to find other excuses to avoid his relatives' weddings.

Elizabeth Warren to Bullock: We don't play into Trump's

Democrats have begged Bullock to run for Senate, but he thinks it's a crap job. He's "frustrated at the inaction of Congress" and thought he'd be "more effective" as president because presidents never have to deal with Congress. Mitch McConnell's Senate Leadership Fund PAC ran attack ads against Bullock late in November. They criticized him for wasting time on a failed presidential campaign when he has a state to run. Bullock is term-limited out of office next year, so Republicans are obviously concerned that Bullock might actually launch a campaign he can win. Fortunately, Bullock's vanity is McConnell's greatest asset.

In other news, Joe Sestak also ended his campaign that apparently existed.

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