Steve King Blames Reagan For Electing Obama, Because Messicans

Steve King Blames Reagan For Electing Obama, Because Messicans

Notedanimal-hater and all-around waste-of-space Teabagging Congresstwit Steve King (R-4th Level of Hell) has once again opened his maggot-filled cockholster. He wants you to know that the only reason that Supreme Leader and Great Sun of Socialism Barack H. Obummer got elected was because of all the damn messicans. And whose fault is it that you can’t round a corner in Rep. King’s district (which is 96% non-Hispanic white) without running into a Taco Bell or someone screaming out “Dios Mio!” during climax instead of “My God” like good red-blooded Mericans do? Why none other than our first Mexican president, St. Ronaldo Reaganendez:

In an effort to dissuade Republicans, King argued that the 1986 immigration bill that Reagan signed into law is estimated to have brought amnesty to three million illegal immigrants.

He said conservative estimates show that, on average, each of these people brought in five others, leading to 15 million more people in the country, most of whom voted for Obama.

As he spoke against the Great and Powerful Reaganendez, a hush fell over his GOP colleagues on the House floor. Slowly, pitchforks were handed out among the GOP leadership, and Eric Cantor pulled out his authentic Katniss Evergreen Hunger Games BowTM and prepared to take him out.

Despite the obvious threat from District 7, Rep. King kept blabbering:

Rep. King said, “It will split this party in half. It will pit Republicans against Republicans. The Democrats know that. That is a clear tactic in politics, to divide the other party down an issue if you can."

Clearly, Rep. King does not like to even contemplate the idea of comprehensive immigration reform. Despite losing the Hispanic vote by like 547% in the last election, he is urging his GOP colleagues to just chill the fuck out and not worry about it.

Meanwhile, the GOP has managed to pit the gays against the Mexicans in the Dem base, so they are probably even.

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