Steve King Has a Lot of Free Time

kingfence.jpgTuesday was Arts and Crafts day at the House of Representatives. Steve King, of "DC is more dangerous than Iraq" fame, presented a diorama that he "designed" all by himself! You see, it's a fence to go along our border with Mexico, but he added some neat fins and a racing stripe. Oh, and barbed-wire. And it's electrified. And he compared immigrants to "cattle." And he's a crazy idiot. Are you noticing a pattern yet? Yes, it's WE DEEPLY LOATHE EVERYONE IN CONGRESS DAY WEEK here at Wonkette!

Tomorrow, Curt Weldon presents some scale models of theoretical Iraqi WMDs he built out of things found around the house, and Duncan Hunter is scheduled to rant incoherently for forty-five minutes.

Rep. King Designs Electrified Fence For Southern Border: 'We Do This With Livestock All The Time' [ThinkProgress]


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