Steve King To Rescue Place Next To Mexico From Mexico

Steve King To Rescue Place Next To Mexico From Mexico

Happy new Congress! First order of bizness: Let's stop Mexicans from ever having a dream of a better life for their children! “More than a country, America is an idea.” An idea thought up by white people. Nice try, Mexico! The American Dream was thought up by white people, and if you try to have it too, that's a violation of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, and our white businesses have great lawyers who can find and sue you for trying to steal it for yourself, brownies.Steve King is on the scene! “We need to address anchor babies,” he said yesterday, excited to get his bill concerning this issue on the floor right away. “This isn’t what our founding fathers intended.” Thankfully for Mexicans, the founding fathers created majority rule and a balance of powers just so crazy people like him couldn't get bills like these passed.

King’s measure would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act, ending automatic citizenship for anyone born in the country. Instead, the measure requires that only the children of citizens, legal immigrants permanently living in the country or immigrants in the military, be granted citizenship.

Oh it would, huh? In what century would it do that? The nineteenth? Yeah, it could probably get passed then.

Your editor is having a bad day and doesn't want to deal with making any more jokes about this idiot asshole. So let's just say, "Fuck off, Steve King." Alright? [Politico]


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