Steve King: We Can't Force Babies Who Die In Trash Cans To Buy Insurance


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ZIIIIIIIIIING. ZING ZING ZING ZING. Ball's in your court, Jared Polis. Because there have been babies born in this country to frightened teenage girls, then immediately thrown in the trash can, health care is not interstate commerce, and the federal government cannot regulate it. Game, set, and match! The government officially can't go up to these dying baby's trash cans and force them to sign up for medical attention. But this is probably wrong, of course, because what happens in the process of the baby being taken to a landfill? Interstate commerce, probably! We want to die today. May cannot come soon enough.

Think about it: for any municipality, trash collection involves interstate commerce at some point. What about the printer paper they buy for the sanitation office? Or the trucks they buy? The landfill to which they take these babies may even be in another state! Almost certainly the trash cans these babies were thrown into were made elsewhere than the state in which the trash baby (briefly )lived.

So he is still fucking wrong when he's being unimaginatively evil-minded. But still, very good work, Steve King! You definitely win today. But please, again, go fuck yourself, you evil sack of idiocy. No wait! First you should have to look a gasping abandoned baby in a trash can in the face and tell it it doesn't need health care. Then you can go fuck yourself. Then you can live in the projects for a month with no income. And THEN perhaps you can throw your self in a dumpster and feel the lack of health care you need when you are being crushed and burned alive in a trash compactor or whatever.

Is it possible this man really exists? How can something this inhuman arise out of something so Iowa? [TPM]


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