Steve King, You Sure Are One Very Evil Goblin!


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Iowa Rep. Steve King, easily one of the top five House wingnuts and perhaps the most overtly evil and sneering one, has this to say about why we shouldn't close Guantanamo Bay (where we could still keep the innocent Uighurs, whose imminent release was ordered by a federal court in 2008):

We could avoid this criticism and shut down an operation that has actually been built up to accommodate the people that are there now, including the Uighurs, who are now wasting away in MargaUighurville from what I understand. I can’t even say it because I get Jimmy Buffett and Warren Buffett mixed up, I think.

He and his friend then laugh at the very funny joke!

America sure does have a lot to be proud of with this whole Uighur situation, Steve! Ha ha ha! We hope that no one attends your funeral when you die!

[Think Progress]


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