Steven Crowder Tent-Gate: 12/11 Was An Inside Job


Remember that awesome video of stereotypical union thug cold wailing on stereotypical Fox News douche Steven Crowder at the Michigan anti-"Right to Work" rally this week? Of course you do, it's embedded above. Probably you watched it and were like: "I shouldn't be laughing at this because I'm a hippy Wonketteer librul who knows violence solves nothing, but DAMN! Dude dropped Crowder like Tyson dropped Spinks."

Well, you no longer have to feel conflicted about enjoying this video because it turns out that Crowder totally started it! You, like everyone, doubtless noticed the weird edit point where the little guy seemed to be getting up off the ground, but without raw vid declined to assert that as the case but rather just speculated a bunch. Naturally, as always, your speculation was right! He said as much to some Canadian teevee station that's like Fox News but with more Anne Murray because of CanCon.

“I’ve been very honest about this, the fact that as they started ransacking the tent, yeah, me and some men went out there … and we didn’t get violent with them but we did try to push them off the tent. That is true. We tried to push them off the tent.”

Good rule of thumb: When you shove an angry guy, he's going to take a swing or six at you. Haha, Steven Crowder fights like a girl a sniveling weasel of an unspecified gender.


[Little Green Footballs]


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