STFU Joe Scarborough And Other News You Can Maybe Use

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday, everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend. And drivin' on the highway. And stuff.

  • Here's a dumb question:
  • Here are some better questions:

    Don’t those men who said those things have a responsibility to step forward, admit what they did, and apologize?

    The implication is that Gillibrand dared to talk about sexual harassment, and if she's going to bring it up, she'd better go all in or risk being branded a liar. What’s missing from this debate is the power dynamics at play. Why would a woman, who works with almost all men every day not want to point fingers at who had done the harassing?

  • Congratulations, Colombia:

    Colombia has taken a major step recognizing the rights of same-sex couples after the country's constitutional court allowed a lesbian couple to adopt a child born to one of its members.

  • Boo, Little Caesars:

    A former trainee manager at Little Caesars pizza in California sued the company for discrimination on Wednesday, accusing the Detroit-based chain of denying employees health insurance benefits for their legally wed same-sex spouses.

    The lawsuit was brought in state Superior Court in Orange County, regional headquarters for the nation's third-largest pizza chain, by Frank Bernard, 47, who said he quit his job after Little Caesars refused to extend coverage to his husband of six years.

    "I didn't want anything special, I just wanted the same benefits package as heterosexual couples," Bernard said at a news conference in Los Angeles. [...]

    It cites a letter Little Caesars presented Bernard explaining a benefits policy that defined "spouse" as "the one person to whom you are legally married under the laws of the state in which you reside, including common law spouse, and who is the opposite gender from you."

  • Oh, New York Times, you are so droll:

    It was the best of Twitter. It was the worst of Twitter.

    Really droll:

    For those of us who do want to follow along as events unfold, we’ve reached a point where it’s time to realize that some of the information we see may be right, but lots of it will probably be wrong. And when it comes to breaking news, we should remember that we are often seeing a tale of two Twitters.

  • How much do we love Mallory Ortberg?



    how much do you love me

    oh god

    are you in prison again?

  • From our beloved but abandoned little sister Happy Nice Time People: Miley Cyrus cavorts with druggie fugitives, proves Rand Paul should be president of everything:

    See, liberal Hollywood, this is why you should never bother to do anything nice for anybody:

    The young homeless man who accompanied Miley Cyrus to the MTV Video Music Awards has a warrant out for his arrest in Oregon.

    It seems the handsome homeless wannabe model Jesse Helt broke into the apartment of a man who Jesse thought had sold him some bad marijuana. See, kids, pot ruins lives. So many good conservative lessons to learn from this story. But I’m drifting off point, which is why it’s okay to be a selfish asshole, the most important point that a conservative can make.

  • Brooklyn's getting a Nutella-themed restaurant. Discuss.

So who's starting their three-day weekend early?


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