Stick Tix People's Pick

Climbing StickVia DCist we see that the black-and-white market in panda viewing tickets appears to be flourishing on Craigslist. Compared to yesterday's handjob offer, the promise of ten or twenty bucks seems awfully puny, but at least one person has offered to donate $100 to the National Zoo for the pleasure of accompanying a rightful ticketholder to Butterstick's lair.

Because the zoo has said it will check IDs to make sure the rightful ticket-owner is in the group that visits the Stick, legit ticket sellers are offering to "escort" buyers to the exhibit and the ads have a quasi-personal ads feel. A combination of desperation and bravado:

I AM GOING to see the adorable little one myself and HAVE friends going with me and YOU who makes an offer WILL GET TO GO WITH US!
No fatties. Except for the Stick.

Panda Tickets Fly Off Web Site [WP]

While all of you POST the SAME thing about PANDA Tickets - $1 [Craigslist]

search for "panda" [Craigslist via DCist]


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