Sticky Gas Pedals Aren't A Bug, They're A Feature!

  • President Obama has a tasty new budget cooked up for us and it is full of deficits, even though President Bush handed him a booming economy with a $200 billion surplus just one year ago. [AP]
  • A popular Shiite holiday featuring a pilgrimage to Karbala proved irresistible for a suicide bomber, who killed herself and at least 41 people in northeast Baghdad. [BBC News]
  • Capricious Barack Obama exacted revenge on George W. Bush's native nation of Texas by punishing its energy producers with reduced tax incentives. Then he pooped all over NASA, too! [Houston Chronicle]
  • Oh ho ho ho, two whole Israeli soldiers have been "disciplined" for firing on the UN compound in Gaza last year! Verily, this is a victory for international peace and justice. [Guardian]
  • The recession really has caused some cutbacks. Last year, a pilot hero landed a motherfucking passenger jet on the motherfucking Hudson. This year, a pilot hero landed a single-engine Cessna on the New Jersey turnpike. [NorthJersey]
  • Toyota will start fixing its Sticking Accelerator Pedals of Doom this week, with apologies. [New York Times]

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