Still-Deranged Michele Bachmann Warns Biden Will Bring Communism To USA In First 100 Days

Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann is still able to get people to listen to her, it seems, even if maybe it's just subscribers to rightwing fundamentalist podcasts we've never heard of. Wouldn't it be sad if the only people paying attention anymore turned out to be the staff of Right Wing Watch, whence this story comes? Bachmann recently turned up on a fundie podcast hosted by Pastor Todd Coconato so she could warn that if Joe Biden is elected president, America will be OVER, replaced by a communist regime, just like America was OVER any time Barack Obama ever did anything.

For folks who may not have recognized Joe Biden as a fire-breathing revolutionary, Bachmann explained that it doesn't really matter that Biden may not seem all that threatening, because he wouldn't have any real power anyway. It's that the Marxist overlords who really run the Democratic Party would have the opening they need to institute True Communism once he's in office, because they're sneaky that way.

Here, have some Remembrance of Wingnuts Past:

This is a revolution in the street. It parallels communist takeovers in nation after nation for the last 103 years. This is a communist revolution and takeover in our streets, and really Joe Biden is the nonessential candidate. From his party's perspective, they don't care who's at the top of the ticket because what they know is that 100 days after the election, should Joe Biden prevail, they intend to put in, I believe, a Marxist form of government.

Bachmann was a little fuzzy on the details of how the Marxists who secretly control Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer would engineer that total communist makeover of American government. Probably through an executive order. But it's definitely going to happen, for sure:

They'll have it done in about 100 days. We'll never go back to who we were before, so this is not a normal election—this is the existential election of our lifetime. That's what we need to understand.

We're still trying to figure out how the all-powerful communists that are poised to do revolution in the streets need to actually get Biden elected to seize power, instead of just going ahead and seizing it. Maybe it's one of those things like vampires, where you have to actually invite the hidden commies in before they can reveal their true form.

Bet none of this would even have happened if we'd simply listened to Bachmann in 2008 and done some investigations of who in Congress was anti-American so we could nip it in the bud.

In any case, Bachmann explained that's why we must absolutely keep Biden out of the White House, lest his communist puppetmasters have the chance to rip off their human masks and suck our blood:

Either we'll go on as the America we formerly knew or we're done. We're done. I hate to say it, but I've been at the top of the top in Washington, D.C., and I have watched this every second of my life every day since. This is where we're at. We either have a chance to go back to where we were and have America become great again or we're done. We're done.

Take it from a woman who thinks four terms in the House of Representatives and a failed presidential campaign constitute the peak of power in America: this nation better get its shit together and reelect Donald Trump, lest Joe Biden end our great Republic forever.

We bet Bachmann is very reassured to learn that, just days after her appearance on the Unknown Pastor podcast, Donald Trump has generously offered to "get rid of the ballots" he doesn't like so there will be a peaceful continuation of his presidency. What a relief! America could have been in some real trouble there.

[Right Wing Watch]

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