How can you have no confidence in a face like that? - WonketteThe Senate vote of no confidence in Alberto Gonzales collapsed yesterday in predictable confusion, with Democrats calling their defeat a symbolic victory, Republicans currently under investigation by Justice (*cough* Ted *cough*) voting "present" and Arlen Specter generally making no goddamned sense at all.

Citing his deep-seated opposition to Gonzales, Specter supported the resolution while at the same time encouraging fellow Republicans to oppose it because of "outright political chicanery."

Arlen Specter takes stands like an alcoholic father forbidding his kids from having a drink.

Gonzo, meanwhile, affirmed his intention to remain Attorney General until the end of time. There are still a couple other aides and deputies to force under various buses, and he will not step down until each and every one of them has been forced to resign.

Senators Block Vote on Gonzales [WP]


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