Stock Plunge Continues; What Will Tonight's Debate Be About?


In just a few hours, the failed pilot and famous celebrity Maverick John McCain will join scary educated Hawaiian Barack Obama for a "town hall" debate, which means extremely regular-looking people who successfully pretend to be "independent" will hog the mic all night with their lame personal stories, and McCain will go "heh heh heh" a lot, and Barack will shake his head in that way, with dignity, and promise to seize McCain's $100 Million Personal Fortune and redistribute it, to the people at the Town Hall.

Meanwhile, the Dow Jones is down 331 points, and the S&P is down another 4%, and this is in reaction to positive news about Bernanke and the other members of the Illuminati doing some co-ordinated global plan to unite under a single messianic world leader who will bring about the "space union" with the aliens who are going to fuck us all to death with their poison trident space dildos and steal our Ameros.

So, most likely the big topic tonight, at the debate, will still be "The Economy."


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