'Stop The Steal' Organizer Needs $2K A Day To Hide From Witches

Right Wing Extremism

January 5, the day before a bunch of crazy-ass Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, convicted felon and MAGA grifter Ali Alexander stood in front of thousands of said crazy-ass Trump supporters and led a chant of "Victory or Death!"

Alas, it seems he was not entirely sincere about that, unless he was talking about the deaths of the five people who died in the attempted coup. Victory is no longer an option, and yet Ali is still alive. However, he says he is in hiding, and that he needs $2,000 per day to afford a security detail that is, it seems, meant to protect him from witches. (Spooky noises!)

In a bizarre moment in his fundraising pitch, Alexander claimed that he was being targeted by the supernatural: "Witches and wiccans are putting hexes and curses on us."

It's not clear how, however, if Alexander's supporters can send him money at all. On Saturday, he posted on Parler that he had been banned from Venmo and PayPal.

In his Friday video, Alexander claimed that his "rally never turned violent." But Alexander also read a quote from talk radio host Rush Limbaugh that positively compared the rioters to the heroes of the American Revolution, and said rioters who entered the Capitol should suffer light consequences, if any.

He has since raised over $11,000 and 248 prayers on Christian Fundraising site GiveSendGo.


Ali Alexander and his patriotic, Christian work is being deplatformed by dark corporate forces and political opponents.

Please help Ali bring light to the world by finding a security and administrative team to be with him 24/7.

Please help and let other patriots and believers know where to assist!

Ali Alexander is the leader of the Stop the Steal movement, which has hosted 1000+ peaceful protests over the past 10 weeks.

Except for the one where five people got killed.

Alexander explained on Parler — because like other people encouraging violence, he's been booted off Twitter — that the reason he needed security, apart from all of the witches and their curses, is because he got bomb threats from "Antifa," which definitely sounds like a real thing that happened.

You wouldn't think he'd be so afraid of "Antifa" bombs given that over the last few weeks, Alexander has made several references to the sorts of violence he would be down to commit, were Trump not allowed to stay in office forever, including tarring and feathering. Like many of the other "Stop The Steal" folks, Alexander also frequently referenced "1776" to suggest that if Trump did not get to be president, there would be a violent revolution. Or that they would found the Bolshoi Ballet. One of the two.

What? Other stuff happened in 1776 too, you know.

Alexander was not with the hordes invading the Capitol. He spent the day hanging out with Alex Jones, just having their own rally and probably brushing their teeth with colloidal silver, allegedly. But he very clearly didn't denounce them, so we guess he's all in favor of a violent overthrow of the government, as long as it happens very, very far away from him. And as long as he gets to have a security detail. And a fluffy robe.


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