Stormie Janzen for FEMA Chief?

Yeah, we know, President Bush gave the job to acting FEMA chief David Paulison -- after pretty much everyone else passed on the job. But we think that he overlooked a worthy candidate to head FEMA.

Consider this email we received, after we briefly mentioned Stormie Janzen in a post yesterday:


I start my day with your column, NASA pictures of the heavens and the Drudge report. Wow, Stormie Janzen is beautiful!

And by the way, she is also competent. She was my contact with Sen. Sessions office after Hurricane Danny nearly washed away my house. She played a part in getting my community $387,000 for repair of the stream bed that left my house cantilever[ed] to the gulley. I am in her debt. And now I find out she is a "hottie"!

Awesome. We can be a bit cynical about government around here; so it's always nice to hear about government actually helping people, and stuff.

Stormie, you're doing a heck of a job!


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