Here at Wonkette, we don't permit reader comments (yet). Some things, like the Washington Post's recent unpleasantness with comments, make us less enthusiastic about the idea.

But sometimes we're reminded of what we're missing out on. Over at the AlabamaElections blog, which has also been covering Stormiegate, readers have been commenting up a storm. Here are some highlights:

Anonymous: this is no surprise at all. have any of you ever had dealings with [Senator Sessions's] staff? they are the most churlish, immature, pious, serf serving brats I have ever come across in government dealings.

Anonymous: I believe her First Amendment Rights were pressured, and she had to cave in to maintain her job. Personally, I would have quit working for Jeff. In fact, I wouldn't work for him to begin with!

Additional vitriol and snark -- all from anonymous commenters, of course -- after the jump.

Anonymous: "[M]en in button-fly jeans." That line will follow that poor girl the rest of her life. It may explain why at 34 she is still single as I don't know any men who wear button-fly jeans. But then I too am a Taurus.

Anonymous: This is low. I don't even know that it's right to call MySpace profiles blogs. They are more like personal ads. So the scandal here is that an unmarried 34 year old woman had a singles ad? And that she had a PG-13 photo on it? This is pathetic. MySpace is a members only community, and the person looking at this would have had to search specifically for this person, once logged in. Comparing this to Jessica Cutler is ridiculous.

Anonymous: This was a cheap shot. The Advertiser ran the story Saturday on its front page with a photo. It claims to have received an e-mail from someone about the "blog" and thus found it. Unduly embarassing people has unfortunately become part of the "gotcha" mentality of politics today. Both sides do it. No wonder people are so cynical about government. Is this really news? Questionable. But front page news on a weekend? Give me a break. They owe her an apology. I hope the media, and the Senator, will close the book on this and move on.

Anonymous: i checked out the friendster site for stormie. the really intersting thing there is her friend "laura" who is listed as a state representative from mobile alabama who wants relationships with women and men... go figure?????

Ooooh... Blog or no blog, this Laura character sounds like she's worth investigating!

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