Strange Bedfellows: Tucker Carlson, Meet Mimi Miyagi

Recently we scored an interview with porn-star-turned-political-candidate Melody Damayo. You may recall that Damayo, better known as "Mimi Miyagi," is running for governor of Nevada -- as a Republican, no less.

After her interview with us, Damayo consented to be appear on "The Situation" with Tucker Carlson (a friend of Wonkette, at least most of the time). Here's a video clip:

We hope that you'll be charmed, as we were, by the contrast between Damayo's articulate expression of her views and her arresting attire. We've never seen nineteenth-century U.S. political history analyzed by someone with so much cleavage. Enjoy!

The Situation with Tucker Carlson [MSNBC]

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