Strange Minnesota Teabaggers Protest Light Bulbs, Health Care and 'Bohica'


Did everybody go to the big Tea Party rally in Minnesota on Saturday? No? Well look what you missed! Wonkette special-ops operative "exmartinette" somehow infiltrated the teabaggers by simply walking around taking these pictures. He got away alive! But what is the "Bohica," and why is it on a baseball bat, and how did the Tea Party figure out what itmeant?

Dr. Mister Shudrucker here is running for the U.S. Senate. Well sure he is! But what's that sign in the back, behind the abandoned folding table and the campaign literature?

The Bohica Crowd. Yes ... of course. Them. Those Who Cannot Otherwise Be Named. Fight the Bohica Crowd, with paper baseball bats, for America.


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