The Immigrant Menace! - WonketteRepresentative Steve King (R-Iowa), ladies and gentlemen, with our bad metaphor of the day:

A transcript of King's comments made at a Republican fundraiser in Boulders Conference Center showed he compared illegal immigrants to stray cats that wind up on people's porches. King said at first stray cats help by chasing mice, so people feed them. King added that the stray cats then have kittens, which are liked for their cuteness, but eventually the strays, fed by the people, end up getting lazy, just like illegal immigrants. King would not comment on what he said on that day.

Just so, so wrong-headed. If baby Mexicans were half as cute as kittens, Lou Dobbs would've been lynched by now.

King Faces Three Challengers for US House [Sioux City Journal]


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