'Street Guy' Michael Steele Seeks Second Term

'Street Guy' Michael Steele Seeks Second Term
  • Michael Steele informed the Republican National Committee last night that he would seek a second term as RNC chair, causing committee members to choke on their mint juleps and then beat their Rentboys with riding crops as they whispered to themselves "that Negro!," over and over and over again. Moments later, Steele appeared on Greta Van Susteren's variety show, to explain why the Republican White Establishment hates him so dearly. "I'm much more of a street guy," Michael said, meaning that he's black. "The party needs to get outside its comfort zone." Michael Steele is our favorite. [TPM]
  • McDonald's was hacked, just like that other anus burger drive thru, Gawker! Quick, change your McDonald's login? [CNBC]

  • Miserable warmonger Mike Mullen had a friendly chitchat with troops in Baghdad, telling them how all the troops and robots are going to be shipped off to North Korea any day now, for Freedom. And then Mike Mullen went jism in his pants. [Fox News]


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