Strict Rules The Kardashians Make Their Assistants Follow! Tabs, Wed., Dec. 28, 2022

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The Supreme Court re-closed the border to immigrants seeking asylum but will hear the case in full in February. Isn't it interesting how the Supreme Court keeps finding that Joe Biden is simply not allowed to undo executive actions by his predecessor? Trump's "Title 42" was based on the COVID "health emergency" that no red state believes is actually a "health emergency" and yet all the red state governors immediately sued Joe Biden to keep the "health emergency" for the border. (Gift link Washington Post)

Like they are all HOAX HOAX NO VACCINE and killing all their people, like that "health emergency." Living in a red state is deadly, and that's before you consider all the guns. (The Atlantic)

Who had Mona Charen calls for increased immigration both because we need the workers (I keep shouting about it and only Mona Charen is listening???) and ... you're gonna die ... "our immigration problem calls for generosity, not cruelty." Guys, am I misremembering? Was there a different Mona Charen? — The Bulwark

From September, Marcy goes at Maggie Haberman and how her gossipy tidbits reporting on his tantrums helped to distract from his sheer illegality. (Emptywheel)

Weird how Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's "election fraud" arrests and charges keep getting dismissed just because they were made up racebaiting bullshit. (ABC News)

I know probably a supermajority of you don't give a shit about the Royal Family, and neither do I. But I do give a shit about all the hatred that's smeared on Meghan Markle because she's a (beautiful!) Black woman. (The Grio)

Should you be dumping your yacht's poops in the ocean? In fact, you should not! — Ka Pili Kai

"Google and Facebook aren't stealing publishers' content: They're stealing publishers' money." A Cory Doctorow joint on colonialism, World War I, aristocratic failsons, and the Facebook/Meta "pivot to video." (Medium)

Gen X, K-Mart, and Yahoo! Man shit was weird in the '90s — when I worked for a newspaper printed on trees! — and it's way weirder now. — The Atlantic

What Is My Net Worth? Four MILLION DOLLARS????? Just kidding, asshole in the comments who keeps saying over and over again that my net worth is four MILLION dollars and she has PROOF and a SOURCE and Rick Santorum wanking dot gif. (Nerdwallet)

I do own a mansion though.

Wonkette's worldwide headquarters: LOOK AT THAT FUCKING MANSION!

But haha to that lady: My mansion is in Detroit. God damn I love it so much.

Two Bulwark stories in one day, gross, but: There is no Mary Problem. It's a Wonderful Life is wonderful. It's also super lefty and communisty, which the Bulwark does not point out and wouldn't, and if you haven't seen it in a long time, oh, you should should should.

You can keep your poinsettia blooming and beautiful if you do these one million things! (The Spruce)

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