Strom Thurmond's Hometown Trying To Outlaw Truck Nutz

Strom Thurmond's Hometown Trying To Outlaw Truck Nutz

Downtrodden Americans have little to cheer them in this new Depression, but we still enjoy what simple pleasures we can: a piping-hot bowl of rock-and-lettuce soup at the end of a long day; the sweet sound of a grown man suckling at a woman's breastin a barn; and of course our beloved Truck Nutz. Now a godless South Carolinian town -- the birthplace of America's greatest hero, Strom Thurmond -- is trying to fine citizens for displaying their beloved Nutz.

"We've probably had 10 or 15 complaints in the last 2 to 3 weeks and that drew enough of our attention to start looking into it and trying to correct the issue," said Edgefield Police Chief Ronald Carter.

[...] "I think there's room for the freedom of expression but when it comes to indecency, the community has to step in and say this is indecent and we're not going to tolerate it. It all falls back to each community deciding what's decent and what's indecent," said Chief Carter.

[...] For now the town is only issuing warnings. But if they ask the driver to take them down and they don't, they can be fined as much as $200.

Strom Thurmond, who himself became the very human embodiment of a Truck Nut by the time he expired, must be rolling in his grave.

Offensive car decor could get you ticketed in Edgefield []


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