Strongest Man in the World Sued by Relative Weakling

This Dallas Observer story about a bodybuilder suing Pat Robertson involved a number of complicated legal issues, but the gist of it is, Pat Robertson is a prick. That's what we got out of it, anyway. Highlights:

  • Bodybuilder appears on 700 club, is asked to not mention Pat Robertson's miracle weight-loss shake, mentions miracle weight-loss shake.

  • Bodybuilder fires lawyer, represents self. Robertson, you may remember, is a lawyer.

  • Bodybuilder's "Web site is covered with profanity-laced diatribes against Robertson, Hawk," and Anderson Cooper.

  • Bodybuilder: "They're going to take him away like Jimmy Bakker, with the handcuffs and crying and shit."

A Strongman Scorned [Dallas Observer]


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