Stuever Tells Post to Stuff It

Yesterday was a good day for unhinged rants about long-simmering grudges. Robert Novak finally got his Howard Beale moment and WP Style writer Hank Stuever used the Post's new project in "radical self-criticism" -- a daily critique of the paper by someone at the paper -- to pronounce that the publication reminded him of "a bulletin board in a middle school social-studies classroom" and that they've "overlistened [word?] to people who never read the paper, and yet insist it include more about their neighborhoods, lives, and concerns."

Stuever's suggested motto for the paper's new approach: "News Flash: Everything's Not Always About You." Citing an apparently paper-wide mania with making stories shorter, he asked, "Why are we obsessed with the paper being too much, too large?"

Hey, if the paper has room to run Stuever, they can't be trying too hard.

Critique the Critique: Stuever Tells Off Washington Post [Media Mob]


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