Stunningly Liberal Water Machine Installed At Capitol Visitors Center


A Hill staffer (or at least a hobo squatter of some sort) sends us this picture of the latest technological monstrosity to be installed at the new-ish Capitol Visitors Center, which serves as a federal testing ground for expensive nonsense that goesway past budget. What is this new machine, and what are its feelings vis-à-vis the extinction of the human race?

This is on the SL (slave level?) of the Capitol Visitor Center. No more than 18 months ago, a shiny new water fountain was installed here. Monday, they tore that one out (it was still v. shiny), and today, this.

It's incredible. It's got a bottle sensor and commensurate bottle outline, and a little digital counter to tell you how much "waste from plastic water bottles" you've saved. Ohh, that water fountain.

But where's the flusher? Oh right, it's a water fountain.


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