Stupid Arizona QAnon Idiot Has Racist Thing To Say About Virginia Elections

Right Wing Extremism

Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers. She is of course a Republican.

Wendy Rogers is the QAnon-loving GOP state senator from Arizona who really got excited when she heard about the Arizona frauditors scanning the ballots for secret bamboo, because that's how stupid she is. She wasn't even trolling. She thought it was so cool that the frauditors were examining ballots like that, to find out if China had secretly sent a bunch of 'em to Arizona on Joe Biden's behalf.

Anyway, she's also a vile racist, if this tweet she sent about Virginia's elections today is a reliable barometer for such things, and if the bamboo thing didn't spoil that surprise for you.

JoeMyGod also shares this one, where she shares a different kind of debased bigotry:

What a piece of shit.

The bamboo thing always gets us, though. It's like how how how can a person be that stupid?

We bet she also still thinks the Let's Go Brandon joke is a hilarious kneeslapper too.

Oh wait here we go:

Goddammit, you can't even parody these people.

Go vote, Virginia.


UPDATE 8:49 p.m. Eastern, your Editrix here:

IT LOOKS BAD SON. Dave Wasserman has Seen Enough, which is enough for Twitter.

Which means we will learn more in the morning, because Mama's turning this shit off now and driving to go buy NOT CIGARETTES NOT BUYING CIGARETTES and then making plans to VACCINATE THE SHIT OUT THE BABY!

Love you, we'll be fine (LOL, LIE), see you in the morning!

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