Stupid October Rebellion Gets Bloody-ish

octoberrebellion1.jpgThe Jacobin fury over the IMF and World Bank having some meetings this weekend continues! As we mentioned last week, a disorganized (but furious) band of marauders called the October coalition has been holding protests and demonstrations since Thursday, most notably the "Disrupt Georgetown!" rally last Friday which targeted flaneuring Victorian plutocrats and their soily "silk-lined bedsheets." No joke, blood was spilled outside of an Abercrombie & Fitch! And they're outside Capitol Hill today! And the IMF and World Bank don't give a shit! Photos (via the Georgetown Voice) and mild commentary after the jump.

Friday's Georgetown pillaging was actually somewhat legit, if you determine legitimacy by a girl getting hit in the face with a brick. Because that happened outside of an Abercrombie, according to police:


Huzzah! And look at this little douchebag:


And these:


More photos from today's Capitol Hill protests on the way, unless the October coalition pillages and kills our silk-lined website.

Violence Erupts at Protest in Georgetown [WP]

October Coalition []

All photos byGeorgetown Voice


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