Stupid Oregon County Fires Election Worker Just Because She Added Republican Votes To Ballots


Oregon's mail-in balloting procedure ispretty secure, all in all, but it's not entirely perfect, especially if an elections worker is of a mind to cause some mischief. Take, for instance, Deanna Swenson (please!), an election worker in Clackamas County, Oregon, who was fired and is being investigated for criminal vote fraud after she allegedly filled in votes for Republican candidates on ballots where voters had not made a selection. It's not clear how many ballots were altered, but a local newspaper reported that "Swenson tearfully insisted that it was 'only the two' ballots that had been altered."

The two altered ballots that they know of will not be counted and the people who cast them won't be able to re-vote, according to county officials, because once opened, ballots are anonymous. Oopsies!

If convicted of vote tampering, a Class C felony, Swenson could face a maximum sentence of face five years in prison and a fine of up to $125,000.

We simply wish to note that leniency is probably merited, because Swenson is not a large black man wearing a scary beret and outrageously standing at "parade rest."

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