Stupid Politico Threatening To Sue Some British Dude's News Site


An English hobbit from The Shiringhamtondovershire, presumably, runs a website called TORY POLITICO about his precious cricket matches and politics and fried Mars bars. Now he's being threatened by the POLITICO's parent company's contracted lawyers!

It is the worst argument ever, although we ain't lawyers, know? The initial argument is, since we are POLITICO, and TORY POLITICO has one different word in it, PEOPLE MAY GET CONFUSED when they're trying to find POLITICO and may just magically type in the word TORY before it, during their search of possible URLs. This would lead them to the TORY POLITICO website instead, so pay up biotch.

Poor hobbit! Just reply "Hey Politico get fucked by Dick Cheney s'more" and be done with it.

[Tory Politico]


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