Stupid President Obama Doesn't Even Realize How Great War Is, What A Stupid

Stupid President Obama Doesn't Even Realize How Great War Is, What A Stupid

How in the world would Actual Elected President Barack Obama know how to do his job without former Not Elected President John McCain and his illegitimate son, soon-to-be Not Elected President Lindsey Graham, bitch-squealing at him all the time about how he doesn't bomb nearly enough countries?

Look at these two fetid pee holes, rending their adult diapers yet again because the president thinks diplomacy with Iran is better than thermonuclear war:

It is particularly galling to hear the President try to defend his nuclear agreement with Iran by claiming that its critics also supported the war in Iraq. Having presided over the collapse of our hard-won gains in Iraq, the rise of the most threatening terrorist army in the world, the most devastating civil war and humanitarian catastrophe in generations in Syria, the spread of conflict and radicalism across the Middle East and much of Africa, a failed reset with Russia, and escalating cyber attacks and other acts of aggression for which our adversaries pay no price, the President should not throw stones from his glass house.

Maybe you two should go take a nap on Freud's couch, you projecting douche-slurpers. You were both wrong about Iraq, as we all know, and you've been wrong about everything else since then, and yes, it is absolutely fair to point that out, and no, you have NO credibility on Should We Bomb Some New Country, Yes Or Hell Yes? We also remember pretty well just how much John McCain doesn't give a zipless fuck about Syria, because of how he wanted to bomb the crusted poo piles out of that country too.

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Ah, but please proceed, Senators, talk more shit:

No one believes that military force can or should solve all problems. No one believes that diplomacy, including diplomacy with adversaries, is tantamount to weakness. What we object to is the President's lack of realism – his ideological belief that diplomacy is good and force is bad, which has repeatedly resulted either in failed deals or bad deals.

You're supposed to call your doctor if your bloodlust boner lasts more than 14 years, guys, but clearly, you've been so hard for so long about killing The Bad Guys, whatever their names are today, that you've forgotten -- if you ever knew -- that diplomacy is good, that's what adults do to resolve their problems, and what the Christ is wrong with you, do you really think international politics is one big ol' bar fight, just make sure the other guy looks worse? Because WRONG. That's only one of a millionteen reasons Barack Obama is a twice-elected president, and the two of you are merely also-ran footnotes. Bluster some more, footnotes:

He was wrong when he built a presidential campaign around a message of ‘Bin Laden is dead and al Qaeda is decimated.’ And he is wrong about this deal with Iran.

Real unfair of President Obama to be the guy who actually caught THE WORST TERRORIST EVAH! instead of being the dry drunk "sorry, too busy being on vacay" dimwit who talked the talk, but couldn't walk the walk because of how he kept falling down all the time and choking on his food. Or the loser lick knob who said he had a secret plan to catch the guy, but he wouldn't tell anyone unless he got to be president, and fuck you, America, you didn't make him president, so no secret plan for you. Ah, but fuck you, John McCain, Obama didn't need your stupid plan, he figured it out all on his own. Be more bitter about that, why don't you?

Those of us who have warned President Obama about his past mistakes are warning him again about the consequences of this deal with Iran. We hope the American people realize this deal should be rejected and will weigh in to have their voice heard.

We are sure the president has taken into account all of the very reasonable warnings -- including yours, Lindsey Graham -- that a deal with Iran basically means the Holocaust all over again. (Yes, Lindsey, we noticed how you tried to both look like you were above that sort of tawdry comparison and then embrace it anyway, you penis weasel.)

Now bring it home, boys, with some extra stupid:

The alternative to this deal was never war; it was greater pressure on Iran and insistence on a better agreement.

Yep, that's the Republicans' favorite claim. If any of their big hairy balls were sitting in that Oval Office, they'd be meaner to Iran and make it agree to their conditions. How? They just would. No, but really, how? No, but really, they just would. Don't worry about it, America, vote Republican, they'll figure it out. What, you don't trust them? Why do you hate America?!

In conclusion, fuck you both, right in your earholes, again and forever, the end.

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