Stupidest Man On Internet Fears Obama's True Loyalty Is To Mister Roboto

Stupidest Man On Internet Fears Obama's True Loyalty Is To Mister Roboto

How is Barack Obama insulting America's dignity today? Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, reveals that the weak-willed absolute tyrant, whose spineless foreign policy encouraged the Russians to invade Ukraine even as he has dictatorially crammed health insurance down our throats, is now bowing not merely to foreign potentates, but even to foreign robots. Has this man no sense of dignity, no sense of what is just and proper? America bows to no one!

Here for all you Obamabots is the full video of the Traitor In Chief bowing -- TWICE!!!! -- to Honda's ASIMO technology demonstrator, a.k.a. our soon-to-be Robot Overlord:

We'd like to believe that somewhere in Wakayama prefecture there's a Japanese blogger who goes ballistic every time the Prime Minister shakes a Western politician's hand, but we're doubtful. Then again, the web might not be able to bear any more outrage than the normal amount generated every time Barack Hussein Obama shows common courtesy while abroad, which he shouldn't even be going abroad because all he does is golf and apologize to Muslims anyway.

[Gateway Pundit]

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