Stupidest Man On Internet Wants Steve Bannon To Sue Nancy Pelosi, For Butthurt

Couldn't find a pic of Hoft and Bannon together. But Bannon IS a horcrux for the guy on the left.

Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, saw some video of Nancy Pelosi calling President Steve Bannon a "White Supremacist," and he is super-angry! What's more, Hoft knows exactly what needs to happen now!

We think perhaps Mr. Hoft has only a very tenuous grasp of both the First Amendment and libel laws. As a public figure, and more pertinently, now a public official, Steve Bannon has about as much chance of successfully suing Nancy Pelosi for calling him a "White Supremacist" as Nancy Pelosi would of suing Jim Hoft for calling her "unhinged." But let's see what horrifying thing Nancy Pelosi said about the former Breitbart CEO and newest permanent member of the National Fucking Security Goddamned Council:

Well, hell, let's add "quotation marks" to the list of things Hoft doesn't understand -- Hoft's headline has Pelosi saying a thing she actually did not say. She called President Bannon a "White Supremacist on the National Security Council," not a "White Supremacist in the White House" (yes, this is a nitpick but it's fun).

Now, Jim Hoft knows Steve Bannon personally, and he happens to know that Steve Bannon is "Not a Racist Crackpot Like Rev. Wright or Terrorist Bomber Like Bill Ayers," which really is just about the highest possible compliment. Maybe Bannon will someday have that engraved on his tombstone (after he dies alone and unloved, of natural causes, many years from now). To return the favor, we shall say that we don't know Mr. Hoft, but we're pretty sure he is not a serial killer like Jeffrey Dahmer, nor is he quite as stupid as Daisy, the un-housebreakable border collie once owned by noted political pundit Our Girlfriend. At least so we assume; if photos of Mr. Hoft pooping right in the middle of a grisly crime scene come forward, we will of course run a correction.

As to Hoft's character defense of Mr. Bannon, we have to say that "absolutely NO EVIDENCE Steve Bannon has any inks [sic] at all to any racist group" would be an excellent defense against the claim that Bannon belongs to an organized racist group, but doesn't really get at whether Bannon is a white supremacist or sympathetic to white nationalist ideology. (He probably is, and he definitely is.) It's not Nancy Pelosi, after all, who proudly touted as "a platform for the alt-right." As to whether it's actually defamatory to call him a white supremacist, we'd love to see the depositions in that lawsuit, which would include any number of fine public comments Bannon has made about the foreign hordes who are changing America into a very bad place. Ah, but as long as he's never actually said That One Word, he can flirt with racists, provide them a platform, and bask in their love, all while plausibly claiming he's merely a nationalist, not a white nationalist, at least under rightwing rules. He just doesn't like foreigns, especially Muslims, is all (and here come all the Deleted Commenters informing us that "Muslim" is not a race, so there!).

In conclusion, Jim Hoft is stupid and wrong, and he also still owes us $3150. Pay up, Butthead.

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