Stupidest Man On The Internet Thinks Obama Thanked Libyan President For Killing Our Diplomats

Jim Hoft, officially the stupidest man on the Internet, possesses analytical powers beyond the ken of the ordinary human. For instance, he is able to cut right through the liberal media's silly distinctions between "Libyan mobs who killed Americans" and "The Libyan Government that America supports" to get to the simple truth: All Ayrabs BAD cauz America-killers. Take, for instance, his subtle explication of the situation in Libya. Where a lefty publication like the Washington Times might describe President Obama contacting Libya's President Mohammed Magarief to "thank him for the cooperation the U.S. has received from the Libyan government in responding to the attacks on the U.S. Embassy" (OK, it was a consulate, but this is the Moonie Times, after all), Hoft cuts through the bullshit, ignores the trivial fact that the Libyan president has apologized for the attack, and gets right to the truthiness:

See? Why even mention what kind of "support" the two presidents discussed, when you can simplify like that? Strunk and White would be proud of that headline's economy and straightforwardness. (Even so, FoxNation somehow managed to out-idiot Jim Hoft: Their headline for a link to Hoft's blog was "Obama Calls Libyan President to Thank Him After US Ambassador Murdered.")

Warning: Graphic images after the jump

Hoft also repeats what is becoming a right-wing alternate reality: Where most reports, including comments by the President and Secretary of State Clinton, describe Libyans who were not involved in the attack carrying the body of Ambassador Christopher Stevens to a hospital, the right has decided that a jubilant mob of "Islamists dragged the dead body of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens from the consulate after he was murdered." Is this a photo of a body being "dragged through the streets" by his crazed killers, or a photo of would-be rescuers trying to carry an injured or dead victim to a hospital?

We have seen photos of mobs desecrating corpses, as in the 1992 "Blackhawk Down" incident in Somalia (warning: disturbing images in that link), and have yet to see a single one where someone in the "crazed mob" put their arms around the victim's torso to lift the body. A member of a crazed mob is probably not going to carefully put his cellphone in his mouth to free up a hand. Bodies being dragged through the streets are usually DRAGGED ON THE FUCKING STREET, pulled by their arms or ankles. Would-be rescuers, or people trying to get a dead body to the hospital, may very well clumsily carry the person like this:

If video emerges of Ambassador Stevens' body actually being dragged or desecrated, we will of course condemn that. But this looks like an attempted rescue to us.

It is probably also worth mentioning, not that it will carry any weight with assholes like Jim Hoft, that Secretary Clinton's statement on the U.S. - Libya security discussions

noted that the consulate’s Libyan security forces stood with U.S. security forces in defending the consulate buildings.

“One of the local militias that was friendly to the embassy came to assist as well,” the official added, “and I think that really speaks to the relationship that we have built with Libya.”

OK, now that everyone is thoroughly disgusted at all of humanity, here is a palate-cleansing bit of hope for y'all: Buzzfeed has run two sets of photos of Libyans apologizing for the attacks. Join us in having a good weep, if you please:

(The Atlantic also provides some translations of the signs in Arabic.) Of course, even these images are subject to interpretation. A couple of Buzzfeed commenters, noting that some of the signs in English were held by different people in different photos, declared the whole thing "nothing more than a well staged photo-op." Thank you, NSA photo analysts of Facebook. We appreciate your vigilance.

Update: Hey, you know how the Islamophobes are always saying that you never see moderate Muslims condemning terrorism? Maybe it's because you can show them photos of moderate Muslims condemning terrorism, and they'll just decide the whole thing is fake.

Sigh... OK, you may go back to being thoroughly disgusted at all of humanity now.

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