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Could somebody let Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft know that the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary? He's having himself a first-class snit over some rando goofball on Twitter who claimed Sunday to be a postal worker who's destroying all the absentee ballots for Trump.

Instead of dismissing the Tweet as the really obvious (but hilarious!) trolling it is, Hoft went into Full Outrage Mode, because of course here is the smoking Tweet that PROVES the election's being rigged!!!!!

Oh, waily, waily waily, democracy is in peril! No less a defender of liberty, the Constitution, and the integrity of the vote than Scott Baio came forth to say This tyranny shall not stand, man!

The Drudge Report's Twitter feed (but not the mainpage) picked it up, too, of course, because the Wingnuttosphere is always ready for a good poutrage, no matter how obviously fake it is:

They Want To Believe! Seriously, this obvious bullshit is all over the web, and people are demanding this terrible liberal postal worker's head. If you scroll down his Twitter feed just a little, you'll also find him explaining such important matters as "ladies please don't think 'locker room talk' is us men demeaning women. what we really do is make fun of the guys who aren't circumcised," "ken bone has joined ISIS," and "zero mentions in this debate from either candidate about anime tell me again how the parties are different." Oh, but he managed to keep a straight face in the follow-ups to his first message, and wingers were pissed:

A fellow smartass took to the PhotoChopper to create evidence supporting "Raandy's" position:

Finally, somebody got smart and reported this postal scofflaw to the Proper Authorities!

"Raandy" was appropriately grateful:

Now, fun's fun, but as Friend of Wonkette Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs points out, there is a downside to all the silliness:

And if you really want to either laugh or get depressed (depending how you look at it), check out this Google search to see how this totally bogus story spread throughout the right wing blogs and media. This means we’re going to be hearing about it forever as a “fact” now.

If Donald Trump mentions this one in a speech, or in Wednesday's debate, everybody must drink.

After a couple of hours, Hoft eventually caught on:

No, stealing elections is a crime. Watching a bunch of paranoids run around screaming "VOTER FRAUD! Here's the PROOF!!!!" is funny.

UPDATE (8:30 EDT): Hoft has updated his update, and made it 20% more petulant:

Shame on Twitter for allowing people to say outrageous things! Also, too, at some point during the day, Rush Limbaugh fell for it, too.

[Gateway Pundit / "raandy" on Twitter / LGF]

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