Stupidest Timeline Update: Marjorie Taylor Greene Reports Jimmy Kimmel Joke To Capitol Police

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia), who before being elected to Congress expressed support on social media for executing Democrats and FBI agents, and who has consistently downplayed the seriousness of the January 6, 2021 attacks on the Capitol, claimed yesterday that she had reported late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel to the Capitol Police for "a threat of violence" against her. In a monologue Tuesday night, Kimmel had made a joke suggesting it might be a good thing if Will Smith could slap her.

Here's Greene's tweet, which notifies the ABC television network that Greene has filed a report about the joke, which Greene helpfully included so everyone could see what a monster Kimmel is.

In the monologue, Kimmel called Greene a "Klan mom" and mocked her bizarre accusation that Republicans supporting the Supreme Court nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson were "pro-pedophile." After reading Greene's tweet, he joked, "Wow, where is Will Smith when you really need him, huh?”

Newsweek notes that after Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars for an offensive joke about Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, Greene fully endorsed Smith's actions on Twitter, writing that while she never watches the Oscars,

I’ve seen the Will Smith/Chris Rock clip a million times this morning.

I have to say I appreciate the Alpha male response of a husband defending his wife.

That praise for "traditional" gender roles — women are meek little things, and men must defend them violently — has been a bit of a theme with Greene lately, as she pushes culture war hatred of trans people. In a speech last weekend, Greene mocked Judge Jackson for declining to define "woman," because hurr hurr everyone knows that "woman" means:

I’m going to tell you right now what is a woman: This is an easy answer. We are a creation of God.

We came from Adam’s rib. God created us with his hands. We may be the weaker sex, we are the weaker sex, but we are our partner's, our husband’s wife.

Nice catch there, where she revised herself away from the dangerously feminist and homosexual-friendly word "partner," which falsely suggests men and women are equal, when clearly women are in need of protection by men, be it a manly alpha male husband or a big strong policeman. Oddly, Greene keeps saying all these things herself without any help from her husband.

Greene, we'll also remind you, was one of the dozen Republican members of the House who voted against awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to the Capitol Police who protected the lives of Congress members during the insurrection. She has also helped spread the bullshit conspiracy theory that the January 6 attacks on the Capitol were a Deep State plot.

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As you may also remember, and as we noted above, Greene had a habit of endorsing social media posts calling for Democrats to be killed before she was elected, including "liking" a post suggesting that Nancy Pelosi deserved "A bullet to the head," She also made her own QAnon-related posts that looked forward to the eventual hanging of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton over the Iran nuclear deal.

But she deleted all that stuff long ago, and besides, what's even the point of calling her a hypocrite? She's far too busy insisting Democrats love pedophiles, not that she's trying to stir up any stochastic terrorism against them.

As for Jimmy Kimmel's monstrous call for violence, Greene's office released a statement saying,

Our office takes all threats of violence towards the Congresswoman very seriously. Last night, Jimmy Kimmel called for violence to be committed against Congresswoman Greene. It will not be tolerated.

If we are being extremely literal here, about jokes, Jimmy Kimmel did not call for random violence to be committed against Greene. Does her office think Will Smith is currently en route to DC upon Jimmy Kimmel's request?

In a separate incident, irony was pronounced dead yet again at a local hospital. The family requests that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Wonkette.

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