Oh Behave Indeed-1Did you ever think Mike Meyers could be at a loss for words? During NBC's benefit concert tonight, Meyers and ego-riffic Kanye West "rapped" in the emotive sense about Katrina, but then suddenly Kanye got all. . . racial and shit, talking about how he hates how his people are portrayed and what not. Then he admitted that he went shopping before donating, but that "my business manager is looking into" how much he can give. Then things got weird: "George Bush doesn't care about black people," he said. People are upset about this, but, by our lights, West could have put it more strongly and still been okay for primetime. Anyway. . . First, we love that Kanye apologized for going shopping before donating. We're returning our Target placemats tomorrow, Kanye! Second, the look on Mike Meyers's face... Clearly, Canadians have more respect for Bush than previously thought. Oh, behave, indeed.

Breaking News: Kanye West: George Bush doesn't care about black people" [Yeah, right... "Breaking".... Anyway: C&L]

UPDATE: MSNBC liveblogged and put the video as well. [MSNBC]

UPDATE: Ifilm has it, too, as well as the "news" that West's remark's were edited for the P.S.T. broadcasts. [iFilm]


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