Larry Craig -- the Senator from Idaho who isn't gay at all, just wide-stanced -- said he wouldn't resign just because he was arrested and pleaded guilty to trying to have gay sex in a public restroom. Oddly, his Republican peers aren't supporting him in this fight against the newspaper that made him tap his foot alluringly. In fact, they seem to be pressuring him to leave!

The Republican Party even drafted a public statement calling for Craig to step down, but they didn't release it because they seem to think they're making progress on the attempt to convince him to go on his own.

Craig just says an additional comment will be posted on his website, which still only has his utterly insane comment he gave the other day. If he steps down, his replacement will be appointed by Idaho Governor "Butch" Otter. Feel free to crack up immaturely at that.

"Butch" Otter.

Craig May Resign, Republicans Say [AP via NYT]


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