Sunday Bloody NYT Sunday: Special Binge-Watching With MoDo Edition

Today's Sunday Times is still full of basketball sportsball, with stories on both of those games. SPOILER ALERT: your bracket still sucks. SECOND SPOILER ALERT: the NCAA sucks and is nothing but an elaborate way to make money off kids it turns around and ensures can make no money off themselves at that stage in their lives, and also too the NCAA is an insanely locked down promotional machine.

On March 27, before Wisconsin’s game against Baylor, [Wisconsin forward Zach] Bohannon said he was walking onto the court of the Badgers’ closed shootaround with a bottle of Nestlé Pure Life water. He was stopped by a security guard, he said, and told that he could not take that bottle onto the court because it was against N.C.A.A. rules. The issue was resolved by tearing the label off the bottle.

Good to know that the NCAA is there to gatekeep for these young men and make sure they don't do things like publicly consume the wrong brand of water or see a dime of the billions that the NCAA rakes in each year. Fuckers.

Speaking of gatekeepers, some of you blue-state types can blame your governors for the fact that you cannot partake of sweet sweet legal weed just for funsies, instead having no weed at all or the complicated shenanigans of medical marijuana



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