Sunday Bloody NYT Sunday: Special Let's Put This Whole Jill Abramson Mess Behind Us Edition

Hahaha you know what is NOT front page news at the Times today? Jill Abramson's unceremonious departure from said Times, which is still front page news everywhere else. The NYT tucks it back on page 20, and it's about a self-serving little statement from Arthur Sulzberger Jr., who is slowly digging himself a hole to China. Short version: not his fault, totes her fault, NYT loves the ladies. Shut the fuck up, Pinch.

There's also an ill-timed piece in the Book Review section on books about women at work, including mini-reviews of books about increasing gender diversity, how women can increase their self-confidence, and influential women reflecting on their mistakes. We can't decide if it is worse if the Times threw this in there after Abramson's firing as a sop to the ladies, or if it was already a planned piece that no one thought to kill. In either event, really? REALLY??



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