Both Sides Forever: Conspiracies, Complicity & Chuck Todd

Hello Wonks! Welcome to the Sunday Rundown! Let's just dive right in to the stupid and hypocritical.

We begin with sentient conservative thumb Erick Erickson on NBC's "Meet The Press."

Doing his best to look like Chris Farley's 3rd cousin.

Chuck Todd, in his infinite inability to see the irony, had a panel discussion on conspiracy theories WITH Erick Erickson! The same Erickson who spent days claiming that Tom Price was flying on private charter fights because Democrats were trying to kill him (instead of the truth that he was just bilking money from taxpayers) with ZERO evidence. The same Erickson who tried linking the Christine Blasey Ford's allegation testimony against Brett Kavanaugh to people interested in killing babies. He even once tried to baselessly claimed that mass shootings in America were "rare."

The same Erickson who affirmed this vague conspiracy about Trump's infamous caravan, which was only the Pittsburgh shooter's motive:

The same Erickson who called Parkland shooting survivor and activist David Hogg "a high school bully" for holding Laura Ingraham accountable and tweeted the conspiracy that Hogg was "not in school" during the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas shooting:

He deleted it, but the internet never forgets

On "Meet The Press," Erickson first tried the "both sides" argument:

The problem I have with putting the burden on the president is how much do you put on him. I think a lot of people want to put a lot of the burden on him where it really does belong on the American people as a whole. The president is the American comments section of the White House. And he is the president who does this. We're not going to change this president. What can we do to change as a people if we're not going to change the president? [...] But the fact of the matter is, this is larger than the president. Society is crumbling around us. Politics is amplifying it. The president is amplifying it. But there's something going on in society as a whole that is translating into politics. The president's not the cause, he's a symptom.

Then he said the most hypocritical, unself-aware statement that he's ever made when Chuck Todd did the tiniest bit possible to hold Erickson accountable for his role in our nation's "incivility" (7:25 mark on video below):

TODD: Erick, I'm curious, so you've had to deal with conspiracy theories on your site. Sometimes people get mad at you thinking you help traffic these conspiracy theories. And I know that there are others that are -- but whose job is it to get rid of some of this stuff? Whose job is it to purge this stuff? Whose --

: Well--

: --job is it to educate Americans to facts?

: --I think we all have an obligation here. Just let me address conservatives for a minute. Last week you had a lot of people pushing the maybe this bomber was--

: Rush Limbaugh was pushing it, Erick.

: --you had a lot of people who were pushing this theory. Now we know the facts.


: Now we know the facts. And yet there are still people pushing this. I got to tell you, that from my perspective when we know all the facts now about the guy last week and you're still pushing this theory, you're at war with the truth. And if you're a conservative who's at war with the truth, you're not really being conservative.

But I'm sure after being made aware of the hypocrisy of spreading conspiracies and then condemning them on TV, Erick Erickson made a well written statement acknowledging this ...

Haha, those cuck libs.

Next up, Ayn Rand fuckmook Paul Ryan!

Dab for the end of America!

Speaking to John Dickerson on "Face The Nation," Paul Ryan moans about the lack of bipartisanship on bills his Congress has passed.

Maybe because tax cuts and repealing Obamacare again are not amazing acts of bipartisan accomplishment. But Ryan then decried "division" and "tribal identity politics":

Which would seem more sincere if 4 out of 5 divisive ads weren't from Paul Ryan's SuperPAC or if he ever did/said anything about overt racist Steve King or if he hadn't fostered an environment in which his likely successor attacks three prominent Jewish people in the wake of anti-Semitic attacks or had even a subatomic denouncement of Trump. His spinelessness and "legacy" can be summed up with one image from the clip above.That is the look and shoulder shrug of a man who gives zero fucks about anyone else and is privileged enough to not have to deal with most of the consequences of what he's wrought

World sucks, Don't care.

The only thing more tone deaf than that is Twitter's Jack Dorsey bragging about how well he sleeps while the rest of us deal with the sleepless bullshit empowered by his creation.

Result of good sleep
— jack (@jack)
October 27, 2018

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