Sundays With Jamie Kilstein And The Lord: 9/11 Is The 9/11 Of Health Care Analogies

Sundays With Jamie Kilstein And The Lord: 9/11 Is The 9/11 Of Health Care Analogies

Well, 9/11 officially became the new Hitler this week as Republican Congressman Mike Pence likened the Supreme Court ruling on “Obamacare” to the attacks that killed 2,996 people and injured more than 6,000. I guess at least, if that happens again, that’ll be 6,000 people that will now have health insurance in case they happen to be in another building that A PLANE CRASHES INTO!

The Affordable Care Act could be way better. I know it is a giveaway to the health insurance companies, but millions of people will now have coverage and this is step one in going after state-by-state single-payer, so people don’t die in the streets. But, you may say, why should we reward the companies that have been killing those people for decades? I KNOW! SHUT UP!

But are Republicans even trying anymore? It’s like they have a word bank of crap that octogenarians are afraid of and they just randomly pull it out every time something they don’t like happens. JOE BIDEN IS A BLACK TEENAGER! SANDRA FLUKE IS AN ABORTION!

How can you even make a comparison like that and expect to be taken seriously?! It was the 9/11 of analogies, the holocaust of word selection, and you are the drowned baby of politicians.

I’m not a fan of the health insurance mandate. I want a public option or Medicare for all. I’m not thrilled about it. Would I compare it to the biggest attack on American soil? No. Mainly because healthcare is the opposite of murder!

These assholes are just running out of scary analogies. If there is another attack on America, I might believe it was an inside job by Republicans so they could have something to compare gay marriage to when it finally gets legalized.

Mike Pence wants to be the governor of Indiana. He still may win. Republicans will still vote for him. But for a party of people who pretend to be so patriotic, I would ask them to consider what is more patriotic: Trying to end the wars that are killing our soldiers, murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent Arabs, while creating a deep-seeded hatred of this country that may lead to another attack, or using one of the biggest tragedies to ever happen on American soil as a political tool so that you can get more campaign contributions from an industry that, up until this week, could deny a member of your family coverage because they had cancer? Think about it and don’t be just a 9/11.

Jamie Kilstein will get all 9/11 on Mike Pence's ass. No he won't. He is a pacifist. Listen to his podcast at


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