Super Cool Police Lady Shows All Other Anaheim Protesters How To Properly Throw Bottles At Cops


OC Weekly -- where one of your Wonkettes may have spent a cool dozen years of her benighted life -- has what appears to be thesmoking Molotov in the recent Anaheim Unpleasantness. Through a series of still photos and videos, they seem to have got the goods on a nice lady who went from showing the badge number tattooed on her wrist to trying to incite a riot among her "fellow" protesters! Wha? An undercover provocateuress? The hell you say, OC Weekly. We will believe it when we see it.

Here is the lady defending cops from protesters' harsh words.

Here, at about four minutes in, is the lady exercising her womanly prerogative to change her mind.

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But maybe she is not in fact an easily recognizable police provocateur; maybe she's just sort of a crazy person who loves to tattoo badge numbers on her wrist, which would seem to be a bad place for an undercover to tattoo her badge number, as her "fellow" protesters or criminals or what have you would easily see it. Women! When it's a choice between stupid and crazy, who can possibly tell?


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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