Super Fun Hundred-Year-Old Ronald Reagan Quiz! (For Sex On Craigslist)


Oh what is this weird thing we just found in the archives from, uh, 2007? Answers at the bottom.

'A cruel and stupid lizard.' - Christopher Hitchens - WonketteIf you're the kind of DC gal who loves douchesack Young Republicans and you trawl Craigslist for fuck buddies yet you're still too stupid to find a basic Ronald Reagan biography online, then have we ever got the man for you!

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Date: 2007-08-22, 2:32PM EDT

If you can answer even 5 or 6 of these questions (without having to look at Wikipedia), then you might be the right girl for me.

1. What was Ronald Reagan's middle name?

2. What was Reagan's birthday?

3. In what state was Ronald Reagan born?

4. In 1966, Reagan defeated a sitting California governor. That governor's son currently holds statewide elected office in California - what office does he hold?

5. What was the name of Reagan's "roommate"?

6. What was Ronald Reagan's high school nickname?

7. How many lives did Reagan save while working as a lifeguard?

8. Fill in the blank: "Go out there and win one for ___________."

9. What college did Reagan graduate from?

10. For whom did Reagan give his famous 1964 speech "A Time for Choosing"?

Facts are stupid things!

Answers: 1. Vilsack; 2. 9/11; 3. Guam; 4. Al Franken; 5. Jeff Gannon Sr.; 6. "Cumshot"; 7. Nine lines of stem cells; 8. "the prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him"; 9. MIT; 10. Sammy Davis, Jr.

Take This Quiz - 24 [Craigslist]


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