Super Normal Patriotic Americans Hang Effigy Of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear

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How did you spend your Memorial Day Weekend? Me? I baked some cookies, I worked, I hung out with my family, I tried to find non-gross things to put that Trader Joe's Watermelon Spread on, and that was about it. Because I don't totally suck as a human being. Other people, who do suck, went to the beach, went to parties, or went to Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear's house to hang him in effigy and then tried to claim that was not a psychotic thing to do.

Yes, at least "patriots" from all over Kentucky showed up to the Take Back Kentucky rally yesterday, to rally for their Second Amendment right to own tanks and missiles (just guessing since they can already have guns) and their 42nd Amendment right to get a haircut during a pandemic. That's a thing, ok?

Also to say a lot of dumb shit, seems like.

Via USAToday:

Tony Wheatley of Constitutional Kentucky, invoking Benjamin Franklin, said, "We have a republic, if we can keep it." Calling on the crowd to recognize their ownership of the Constitution, he called legal hurdles making it harder to protest corruption.

Pastor Cliff Christman said that law isn't relative, and to understand the country's laws, one should understand Biblical law.

Biblical law, re: pandemics? Plagues?

This has been one of the biggest shams in world history," Christman said. "Grown men have been hiding in (their) homes nearly wetting their pants over this invisible enemy that nobody sees. Where is it at? Let it come out and face us. I serve the one true and living God who conquers all enemies. Why should we give our freedom and our liberties up for such fear (and) propaganda and all the garbage that is coming out of Frankfort today?"

I don't know, dude. Maybe because you don't want people to die? That's usually a good enough reason for most people! Grown men, even. Grown men who don't go around trying to challenge a virus to fisticuffs as if that is a thing one can do.

Surely, were that the case, someone would have met cancer in front of the O.K. Corral at high noon years ago. Hell, I'd be following leprosy around doing threatening snaps like the Jets and the Sharks in West Side Story.

west side story snap GIF Giphy

A janky looking sign reading "sic semper tyrannis," ("thus always to tyrants") was stapled to the effigy.

You may recall that "sic semper tyrannis" is what John Wilkes Booth yelled as he assassinated Abraham Lincoln. We can therefore only assume that they are just as mad about not getting to own human beings as they are about having to wear masks.

You may also recall the time the Right lost its collective shit over Kathy Griffin taking a joke picture holding Trump's head.

House Democrat leadership in Kentucky released a statement in regards to the effigy:

"Hanging Governor Beshear in effigy is beyond reprehensible, and yet it is also the logical conclusion of the hateful rhetoric we saw touted on the Capitol grounds earlier this month that was implicitly condoned by elected representatives from the legislature's majority party. Doing this in front of our Capitol, just a short walk from where the Governor, First Lady, and their two young children live, is an act that reeks of hate and intimidation and does nothing but undermine our leading work to battle this deadly disease and restore our economy safely. We call on all elected officials to condemn these actions and pledge to work to eliminate dangerous hateful speech."

That would be nice!


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