Super Surge War On Terror Roundup

What if "victory" actually meant "everybody gets blown up, probably on purpose, and then Exxon harvests the oil"? Then we would have victory, that's what!

* On the Hill, 50 active-duty U.S. troops delivered or will deliver a petition signed by 1,000 active-duty U.S. troops demanding an end to the Iraqi occupation. We're not sure if this already happened, because of course none of the cable-news channels will show the video.

* The WSJ blog item about the troops' demand is taking very heavy fire from fat-asses who bravely type demands for victory.

* The Pentagon is selling "sensitive weapons" and fighter-plane parts to Iran.

* Just like in the 1980s!

* Today's Baghdad death toll: four U.S. troops and over a hundred Iraqis. Some 34,000 Iraqi civilians were killed in 2006, mostly from gunshots.

* Hillary's pissed off because John Edwards sort of implied she's a bloodthirsty monster who will personally kill off the last civilians in Iraq.


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