Super Tuesday I: Quick First Impressions

hotttt· We have more Wes Clark Jr. to look forward to. []

·Joe Lieberman, still unclear on the concept: "I feel like a winner."[Hartford Courant]

·Will Saletan exhausts all the possible Joe-okes known to man. (Even we're tired of this.) [Slate]

· Voters still confusing "electability" and "cadaverous hollow visage," Kerry wins with two-thirds of those who said "the ability to defeat President Bush was most important to them." [AP/Yahoo]

·Edwards attempting to build on successful strategy, trying to figure out how to claim to be also born in Michigan and Washington. [AP/Yahoo]

· We still like Sharpton's hair. [LA Times]

·Kucinich: "Kick me." No, really: He's hoping to do better in Michigan. [CNN]

·Dean: I know I've heard that name before. Ha ha. Seriously, it's a bad sign be comparing yourself to a fluffy pink commercial spokesperson; Dean pledges to keep "going and going and going and going -- just like the Energizer bunny." [AFP/Yahoo]


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