Super Tuesday Liveblog Part V: Mitt Visits Yoda, Cloud City, & Ohio

Super Tuesday Liveblog Part V: Mitt Visits Yoda, Cloud City, & Ohio

Will Mittens lose Ohio to Weird Rick? We don't know, is the thing! The two losers are still neck and neck as 65% 85% or so of precincts have been counted. The cable news channels are beginning to talk about important vote mini-clusters in small counties. This usually means we'll be here until 5 a.m. waiting for some 90-year-old poll volunteer to come out of a cabin in the woods and turn in the 15 decisive votes that had been missing all night. Let's type about it! (See liveblogs one,two,three, and four, for further trenchant Super Tuesday political commentary.)

10:34 -- Could someone email JIM AT WONKETTE DOT COM when the Kaptur-Kucinich House primary is called? Your Wonkette is too busy typing about politics to know anything about politics.

10:38 -- Lightning-fingered commenter "Barb" shares this photo from some restaurant. It's a powerful reminder of what real leaders look like. George W. Bush is in the photo, too.

10:41 -- CNN suggests -- get this -- that Mitt Romney still has trouble winning people over. He will have to work on this! And here we watch this, like suckers. They just replay the tape of the panel discussion from Iowa caucus night over and over every primary night now. The 2008 Iowa caucus night.

10:44 -- It all comes down to Ohio, it all comes down to Ohio! (What comes down to Ohio?) The Ohio primary comes down to Ohio! Everyone dust off your Ken Blackwell/Diebold/John Kerry theories while we sit here, in boredom.

10:49 -- Santorum is winning many parts of Ohio... that have been 100% counted so far.

10:54 -- Oh come on: "@ChuckTodd reports NBC News will NOT call Ohio TONIGHT." Does this mean we have to go back to our lives soon? Ugh.

10:57 -- Most annoying, hackneyed debate/election night pundit line of this election cycle that must never be said anymore because it's a joke of extremely limited comedic return: "The winner tonight? Barack Obama!"

11:00 -- Ooh, 11:00, time for CNN to pretend to restart its coverage for the 17th time tonight.

11:01 -- "Plenty of time for stuff to happen" -- Wolf Blitzer.

11:02 -- "We say it boldly, and we say it exclusively: Romney is slightly ahead of Santorum in Ohio" -- Wolf Blitzer.

11:02 -- "We'll be watching Ohio very, very closely" -- Wolf Blitzer.

11:07 -- Wolf Blitzer is paid a lot of money to speak on television.

11:09 -- "We'll continue to watch what happens in Ohio" -- Wolf Blitzer.

11:10 -- Roll Call: "With 65% reporting, Marcy Kaptur leads Dennis Kucinich 57%-39% in #OH09. Hard to see how he makes up that margin." Sounds good to this Wonkette writer! Throw your tomatoes right here, right at the browser.

11:13 -- ***DING DING DING NBC News projects Mitt Romney wins... the Idaho caucus! Great! And that's your Quadrennial Wonkette Typing Of The Word "Idaho," Barring Gay Sex Scandals.

11:17 -- From Benjy Sarlin at TPM: "'I don't want to miss a thing' comes on at Santorum party to audible, visual groans." It's gotta be Rick Santorum's favorite song, right? Either that or the Goo Goo Dolls song from the City of Angels soundtrack.

11:22 -- "Let's go out to the Taco Bell Arena" -- Wolf Blitzer. It's a simple statement of fact! And yet can we get an audio clip of Wolf Blitzer saying that, anyway, to embed on America's grave?

11:24 -- Romney up 5,100 in Ohio with 90% reporting. They could call it but they're not. And we could have a recount! WHO WOULDN'T LOVE THAT.

11:30 -- John King is showing how Romney is getting all of his primary votes in parts of the state -- cities, suburbs -- that would go to Obama in the general, and this is a problem. It's the opposite of the 2008 Democratic contest, when pundits showed how Obama was getting all of his primary votes in parts of the state -- cities, suburbs -- that he'd already get in the general, and this was a problem. Is it better for primary candidates to maximize votes in their base or not? No one asks this question. Ha ha, it's 11:30.

11:38 -- RELIEF HAS COME! Here's Rebecca and/or Kirsten taking you into Late Nite,with a NEW LIVEBLOG! Go! Goodbye.


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