Poor HillaryHillary Clinton could make her entire body into a pin cushion stuffed with American flag ornaments and still she would get no love from misogynist superdelegates. This is what we have learned from various influential voter-type people in the wake of Tuesday's debate.

After all this talk about how important the superdelegates are, and what furious hard-ons both Clinton and Obama have for them, it appears these people cannot be swayed by phone calls or news releases or even substantive debates about the bitter patriotism of flag-pin-wearing Americans.

Instead, uncommitted superdelegates seem to want to wait until "all the votes are counted" or some garbage like that, which means we have another 7 weeks of press coverage about how nothing is happening. In the meantime, maybe John McCain will nuke Iran.

Superdelegates Unswayed by Clinton's Attacks [New York Times]


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