Support Obama With Creepy Stalinist Poster!

Freedom Is Slavery! War Is Peace! - WonketteLet's hope all 2008 campaign advertising is as creepy as this unofficial Obama For President poster.

Until Tom Vilsack unveiled his truly outrageous totalitarian nightmare campaign style, we couldn't even dream of real American candidates abandoning the bland red/white/blue variations of the campaign signs we've seen since the 1980s.

But The Sack's bold move gives hope to a nation finally ready for the dystopian decline & fall campaign season we truly deserve. Please, Barack, make this your official poster. We hear Hillary's working on a black and red poster with her silhouette over a socialist-realism illustration of a burning mountain of Iraqi corpses with sinister pairs of hammers marching through the rubble below.

President Obama * 2008 [The Poster List]


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